Users and roles

User types

  1. Borrower

    1. Have a basket of assets they want to put up as collateral and borrow other assets. Some assets are blue chips; others are there to sweeten the pot to get better rates from lenders.

    2. Have a basket of assets they essentially want to sell (no intention to repay the loan).

    3. Personas:

      1. Altcoin whale (Primary)- has a basket of one or many altcoins that there is no liquidity for. Is able to accept a much lower offer for it then the market price.

      2. DAOs that want to sell their assets. A good example can be seen here.

      3. NFT borrowers (To be validated in the future) - people that want to own an asset to use it in game or just to show it of.

  2. Lenders

    1. Who don't mind taking the basket of assets incase the loan is not repaid or certain LTV thresholds are met.

    2. Personas:

      1. Big Liquidity providers (Secondary) - are happy to accept certain altcoins (e.g. blue chip products or potential blue chips) for a good discount rate if the Borrower does not plan to repay its debt. Otherwise they receive some good APY.

      2. Deal scalpers (Secondary) - people who are sitting in the dApp and looking for best deals, making great (for them) counter offers where there is no liquidity.

  3. Admin - manages the health of the product.

  4. Affiliates - Onboard new traders via referral links.

  5. Platform owners - wallets who receive platform fees. Product owners.

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