Bisaar test cases

How to start testing

  1. Get some Goerli testnet ETH from or

  2. Mint some test tokens on Goerli testnet network. You can find test tokens and NFTs here - Mint tokens and NFTs. A tutorial on how to mint them can be found below or here - Video how to mint tokens and NFTs .

  3. Start testing the test scenarios below.

  4. If you want to add bugs to the list please message or @Catepilar on Telegram.

⚠️ USDT is currently in this app not worth 1$, but more like 0.0000001$. If your loan amount looks huge that’s normal.

Test cases

  • Offer

    • Creating a new offer

      • with tokens only

      • with tokens and NFTs

      • with both

      • setting the price of tokens and NFTs in the offer without oracle

      • Token amount shows the right value

      • Check if values add up

      • If offer can be create

    • Check if loan amount is correct

    • Closed

      • Close offer that has been expired

    • Offer view

      • Accept a Offer

      • Accept a counter offer

    • Expired

      • Check if new offer can expire

  • Loan

    • I can repay a loan (borrower)

    • I can default on a loan (borrower)

    • I can get liquidated (borrower)

    • I can size collateral (lender)

  • Counter offer

    • Create counter offer

    • Accept counter offer

    • Reject counter offer

  • Marketplace view

    • Sort offers

    • Check if you can see all types of offers (new, closed, expired, loan)

  • Dashboard

    • I can see my offers and counter offers

    • I can sort by offers that I've created and I provided a loan

  • User profile

    • Check if you can go to an offer and click on the user profile. The app should allow you to go to a

  • Filters

    • Test if all filters work

  • Create a counter offer

    • View it

    • Cancel counter offer

  • Comment

    • Create a comment

    • See email with comment

  • Add email via register option

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